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Do you need clarification? Want to learn more about us and the services we offer? we have created a list of frequently asked questions (and our detailed responses) from people like you so that you may obtain your answers as soon as possible. Can’t find what you’re looking for? If you want some help, just let us know.

Ask an Expert

What are your fees?

We don't have a fixed fee for certification or training courses. These fees are subject to the type of training and courses of your choice. 

Throwing Caps

Do you need a degree to transition into a new career?

No, you don't. The world we are now focus on skills rather than degrees. Its funny how you see a botany graduate doing digital marketing; thats the world we found ourselves.

Job interview

Do I need to have an experience before getting a new job?

Some jobs don't require your experience but training and skills. This is why training and certifications are the routes to getting new jobs with little or no experience.

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