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Our Story

In 2019, we commenced our journey fully with a (PMP) project management professional physical class. At that time, we also offered free project management training to create more awareness of needing a PMP certification. After 6 months, we realized the need to integrate more courses, so we expanded our course portfolio to include human resources management (HRM), customer service, facilities management, health safety and environmental management, and digital marketing. Due to COVID-19 which affected all physical class activities, and made us realise the relevance of virtual classes, hence the switch.

International Certifications

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About Us

Edge Line Careers is an accredited exam preparatory training institute that aims to prepare students with the knowledge and resources required to pass their global certification exams at the first sitting. We desire to bridge the gap between our clients' aspirations and global career opportunities by offering comprehensive exam preparatory training that fosters and unlocks doors to internationally recognized certifications in project management, customer service, human resources (HR), Scrum, and business analysis.

We understand the discrepancies between our clients' dreams and hopes for their careers and the reality of attaining their dreams in this competitive world, hence why we position ourselves as the solution to cover this gap by giving them the skills and knowledge that will equip them for long-term success. 

As our name "EDGE" implies, we focus on dynamic learning, adaptability, and excellence by empowering our clients to achieve their potential through our exam preparatory classes in PMP®, SPHRi™, PHRi™, PSM™, CAPM®, aPHRi™, CBAP®, CCBA®, ECBA™, and CSP™. 

Choose Edge Line Careers today, and let us give you the EDGE you desire to stay ahead and relevant among your colleagues in this dynamic world.

Training Methods

1. Assignments: Periodic assessments are given following our classes to appraise clients' progress, develop test-taking skills, maintain and widen their knowledge, and build confidence and motivation.

2. Use of Case Scenarios: This will enable us to apply every concept to real-world situations. This method simulates clients' exam experience, encourages interactive discussion and learning, and bridges the theoretical knowledge and practical application gap.

3. Mock Examination: We ensure that all clients who want to sit for global exams use the required practice questions to prepare themselves for the exams further. The mock exam helped unveil our clients' readiness, identify their weaknesses and strengths, build confidence and reduce anxiety, and provide valuable feedback and analysis. 

4. Guidance and Support: offering this method to clients enables us to personalize their learning and address their needs, build their skills beyond content knowledge, and promote a supportive learning environment.

Vision Statement

Beyond exams, building a legacy of excellence.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap to global recognition.

Core Values

• Student-Centric Excellence • Unwavering Intergrity • Mastery Beyond Pass Rates • Adaptability and Innovation • Inclusive and Accessible Education • Life-Long Learning and Growth.

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Why Choose Us??

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Evaluation through thorough assessments (exams, tests, and assignments) to appraise clients' performance and to ensure learning goals are met.

We have recorded a +90% success rate in passing certification exams in PMP®, SPHRi™, PHRi™, PSM™, CAPM®, aPHRi™, CBAP®, CCBA®, and ECBA™.

We are accredited and approved by respected bodies with accreditation No. GNA111N and Authorized Training Partner Code 1023 after meeting the global requirements and standards in conducting exam prep classes and training for clients within the project, business, HR, and management industries. 

Trained 2000+ professionals to earn certifications in project management, HR, business analysis, scrum, and customer service.

Our classes are tutored and facilitated by the industry's finest professionals with up to 10 years of practice and above in project management, HR, business analysis, customer service, and scrum.

We offer you post-training support by helping you with the registration of any of your exam choices. Yours is to provide us with the relevant information while we take the stress to see that you sit and ace your exam with ease.

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