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One of the most rewarding project management aspects is the sense of achievement that comes from carrying out and executing a project. Be it a large, small-scale, or multi-year project, the satisfaction of seeing a task through initiation to closure is unparallel. PM allows you to impact the organization's success while developing your expertise and skills. Consider taking a course in project management today.

Project Management


Customer Service

95% of companies globally require the service of customer service representatives. CS gives you the opportunity to positively impact people's lives with the profound ability to resolve customers' problems, answer questions, and provide regular support to them when necessary using empathy skills. If you want to be a problem solver, consider taking a course in customer service and work on-site or remotely with firms in the USA, UK, CA, or Australia.


Digital Marketing

Virtually all profit-making organizations require the service of digital marketers to drive sales and revenue. Through digital marketing, the company connects with people to record business results. No company can exist or function without the help of digital marketers. This is to tell how much these companies needs these services. An average digital marketer earn up to $55,000 annually. You can consider switching careers by taking up a course in digital marketing today.


Health Safety & Environment

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, industries record thousands of deaths annually due to their inability to maintain safety practices. HSE officers focus on creating healthy and safe environment that protect and prevent inhabitants from harm, injury, death, or threats. Training in health and safety will give you the skills to develop and devise effective HSE programs to prevent accidents, diminish workplace hazards, and promote a safety culture.


Human Resources (HR)

Bad/unqualified hires can reduce delivery and productivity. This, among others, is faced by organizations daily, hence why HR is needed to attract, retain, and develop talents essential to organizations' revenue—HR professional care is charged with fostering employee engagement, development, and growth. You can jumpstart a new career in HR today with little or no experience by joining our HR virtual classes and certification courses to validate your knowledge.


Business Analysis (BA)

Industries are constantly evolving as businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Some of the current trends in the sector include a focus on digital transformation, data-driven decision-making, and agile methodologies.
A career in business analysis can be rewarding as it allows you to contribute to the success of a business by identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions to drive growth and efficiency. It also offers opportunities for career advancement, such as moving up to management or executive positions and living a healthy work-life balance with salary increments.


Facilities Management

In recent years, the facility management industry has seen several trends, such as an increased focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, the use of data analytics and technology to optimize operations, and the adoption of a more proactive and strategic approach to facility management. Facility management is a promising career path for several reasons. It offers a diverse range of roles and opportunities for career advancement, and the demand for facility management professionals is expected to grow in the coming years. Take a course in FM today.


Data Analysis

The demand for data analysts is anticipated to increase over the next few years by 66%, and data analysis offers a wide range of career opportunities. Data analysis offers a diverse opportunity, allowing you to turn data into actionable insights that will drive business results and help make informed decisions. Taking a data analysis course today will enable you to impact business success while enhancing your skills and expertise. An average data analyst's salary in 2023 is now $80,000. Consider signing up for a class today to switch careers or jumpstart a new career in data analysis.

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